Guide each child to design a life of self-esteem, empathy and creative expression emboldening them to reach across cultures, find common values in differences . . .

. . . to realize a brighter future.

Our Philosophy

Small groups of children led by a trained facilitator form a trusting community. Emotions, fears, experiences and thoughts are shared verbally and expressed through tactile learning.

Children celebrate diversity and inclusion while breaking down the isolation so many of them feel.

Manadoob Learning System

It’s been over a decade of helping thousands of children – in the United States and internationally – with the Manadoob Learning System, guiding children to discover the life skills needed to become positive, productive and well-rounded citizens.

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Let’s partner and share

so we can best help children with the challenges they must navigate in today’s world.


For over ten years, schools and organizations have consistently used Manadoob programs to enrich the lives of children.

International Sites in Israel, Nepal, Germany, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Mexico.

Youth Villages – Orphanages – Schools - Children’s After-School Learning Programs - Military Youth Programs


Proud to Serve Our Military Kids


Military Youth Center sites both U.S. and international.

Proud to Serve Boys & Girls Clubs


Boys & Girls Clubs of America sites across the U.S.

What People Say about Manadoob

“I just wanted to touch base with you on our culminating activity this year. Students were all engaged in our classroom discussions. We were chosen for the SEL Exemplary Nomination. A team from the network and central office came to interview the PBS committee, teachers, students and parents. The 4th grade students spoke of their Manadoob experience. Thanks for all of your help and support in bringing this program to our 4th grade classes.”

Marion Nardi
Counselor - Daniel Boone Elementary School
Chicago, IL

“What worked so well with the Manadoob Program is that it helped to break down cultural barriers and bring the kids together as we worked through the program. It was also used as a basis for my entire curriculum for the semester as it provides tools in listening, speaking, reading, writing, arts and community outreach. The Manadoob Program is a wonderful tool for allowing kids to develop self-esteem, self reliance and self-expression as they learn from the Manadoob in curriculum based activities. And, it is fun!”

Tina Majdan
Public School Teacher
Jersey City, NJ

“The children that participate in the Manadoob Program have developed a strong bond. They hold each other accountable to display positive behavior, and they are becoming more comfortable sharing their feelings on various topics. They have a lot of open ended discussions and are eager to answer their friend’s questions. The Manadoob Club allows the SAC staff to address issues like self-empowerment, coping skills, social awareness, positive behavior and positive thinking."

Romon Slater
Facility Director Bastogne School Age Center
Fort Campbell, KY

Children Overcome Their Fears

“Manadoob Program at our site has given our students the courage to believe in themselves despite their hardships and differences. It has built self-confidence, leadership and has opened their hearts to trying new things without feeling intimidated. These are our next generation of leaders thanks to the self-esteem boosting program."

Monique Garcia
Boys & Girls Clubs of Oxnard/Port Hueneme

Helping Military Kids Cope

“The program is going well, the children love it and we are getting many meaningful discussions in. I find it an intense and deep program which manages to get to difficult topics in a beautiful way through fantasy and imagination while at the same time touching on some very real issues."

Mary Blanco
Holdich Supervisory Program Specialist, School Age Center
Camp Darby, Livorno USAG, Italy

From a Manadoob Founder

An experience while participating in a Boys & Girls Club Manadoob Class

“I walked into the sunlit room where a group of twelve kids were settling in for their Manadoob class. The class was at chapter twenty – now weeks into the program – a time when shy kids start to speak up and everyone wants their chance to read and share their thoughts. Samantha*, a girl of about eleven stood out because she remained quiet. She listened pensively, but you could tell she was deep in thought. As the session neared the end, Samantha raised her hand. I was soon to find out this was the first time her hand had ever been raised. She told the group she felt just like Wella, the main character of the novel – which is the basis for the Manadoob program. And Samantha was proud to announce that she had read the novel twice. Samantha had lost someone she loved very much, but now she realized they would always be there to talk to. I learned that someone was Samantha’s mom. Her mom was in the military and had died in active duty late the year before. Samantha had never spoken about it until today. Samantha wasn’t sure how to feel okay again, but Manadoob had helped her a lot. Samantha thanked me as the class ended and we walked toward the door. I saw a faint smile on her face and I reached down to give her a hug. She held onto my leg and didn’t want to let go. I didn’t either.

It was a small miracle, but it helped Samantha through the most difficult time in her life. We all need small miracles and together we can provide them for so many children.

*Child’s name was changed to protect her identity.


Some of Our Schools and Outreach Organizations

New Jersey Public School
English as second language foreign student emersion.

Chicago Public Schools
School Counselor led classroom sessions for emersion of school districts.

Sequoia School
Integrating role-play into classroom curriculum to strengthen reading/writing skills and exposure to diversity and cultural differences.

The Orion School
Integrating students with learning challenges.

Humane Society/Animal Shelter educational outreach programs
Hawaii, North Carolina

Rockford Public Library
Afterschool program

Domestic Violence Shelter
Mothers and their children participate together.

Girls Inc.
Southern California, Portland Oregon

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Let’s partner and share so we can best help children navigate the challenges they face in today’s world.

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