Our History

The Manadoob Learning System, an internationally acclaimed social-emotional learning system for successful childhood development, has its roots in the award winning documentary “Kids & Animals – A Healing Partnership.”  The Manadoob Learning System has effectively provided children world-wide with programs devoted to their empowerment, self-esteem, coping skills, kindness and social responsibility.

Kids & Animals

A Healing Partnership

This work explores the reciprocal and positive healing benefits of animal-assisted therapy for children.  The children and animals in the documentary faced extreme physical and psychological challenges in their lives.  The film aired on television in the United States and internationally, and continues to be used as an educational tool in schools, universities and organizations throughout the world.  We heard from parents and educators that children who watched the film experienced feelings of compassion, acceptance and understanding for, and should not fear, children that were “different.”  After all, they saw that the animals loved and accepted these kids.  It opened up conversation… that none of us are perfect – and there is no need to be.  We all have something special to offer during our time on this planet.

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Please consider making a donation of any amount to view the 45-minute documentary. All proceeds will directly serve additional children through Prepare Kids for Life.

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Our Goal

To share these messages with as many kids as possible.

Could we take the essence of the documentary to the next level?  Through written words and fun tactile learning elements we strived to reach many more children through a fictionalized and entertaining outlet.  “Kids & Animals” continues as an important tool in our outreach efforts.  

Animals provide a deep partnership and friendship through the most difficult aspects of the omnipresent twists and turns in life.  The magical, oddball, kid-loving animals called the Manadoob guide children through life skills and life lessons.


From Manadoob Students

"I really liked this program because it showed me that we are all different but we are all the same when it comes our feelings."

Ashley Tejeda, student
Boys & Girls Clubs of Oxnard/Port Hueneme

"My favorite part of Manadoob is teaching me to accept myself for who I really am inside. No matter what I look like, I can be different and still be accepted."

Edith, student

Since 2011

The Manadoob Foundation (the predecessor to Prepare Kids for Life) operated its non-profit activities under the auspices of its fiscal sponsor, the California Community Foundation.  In late 2019, the Manadoob founders believed the time was right to form Prepare Kids for Life as a new, independent 501(c)(3) corporation to broaden our appeal to existing and new funders and stakeholders in response to the ever-increasing demand for Manadoob programs that we were unable to fulfill. We also seek to collaborate with other children's programs to create an environment and fundraising opportunities that best support the social-emotional needs of the children we serve.

A talented and passionate team of educators, parents, psychologists and kids led us throughout our development so we could do the best job possible in reaching our youth in a profound and positive way.

Prepare Kids for Life wants to share all that we have experienced and learned with so many more children.
We want to partner with other organizations to best address and fully support providing children with all the tools they need to live a life of fulfillment.

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Let’s partner and share so we can best help children navigate the challenges they face in today’s world.