Our Mission

To provide the world’s children with values and life skills needed to achieve emotional, social, and academic success through innovative learning programs.

Global Outreach

Our global outreach began with our work at two organizations in Nepal and has extended to programs that have operated in Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Mexico and Puerto Rico.  Many children in some of these communities confront overwhelming challenges, such as sex trafficking and unlawful child labor.  They have suffered from exceedingly difficult circumstances, including violence, and the tragic loss of loved ones – while often coping with bullying and academic struggles.  In addition to the “at risk” children, many international providers are embracing the opportunity to offer these critical programs to their school aged children to allow them to grow and thrive.

Through our experiences with global outreach, we have found that children from every walk of life face a variety of challenges, and we can assist them in learning to live their lives with kindness, self-esteem, empathy, courage and confidence.

We are all connected.

The Manadoob Learning System

To learn more about the Manadoob Learning System and the programs and educational game developed for children ages five through seven and children ages seven through twelve please visit the Manadoob site.

The programs now include optional modifications to facilitate virtual and socially distant learning.


Manadoob Goes to Nepal

“I always think and I always being positive because when I was…and before the Manadoob class I had some rude behaviors and I used to think negatively to others but I think now everyone in the world are equal and they have special character and futures and they can help to each other by sharing their futures and their quality is always magnificent…” [sic]

Jaman, student
Chhahari Organization, Nepal

Program Experience

From Manadoob Leaders

"We are using the [lessons] in Manadoob to help kids discuss and address 'Fear' and anxiety and destruction, etc. We are so grateful to be able to provide some comfort through the Manadoob Program to the children."

Trevor Patzer
Founder of Little Sister’s Fund

“Every child here needs to build their self-confidence and self-esteem.  They need to be responsible for their behaviors, admit their mistakes, be patient, and courageous enough to trust themselves and others even if they have felt or been betrayed. We believe gratitude is key, along with honesty and true friendship. These are the same principles taught by the Manadoob Program and are presented in a way we have never seen before. We believe the children here at Ben Shemen will benefit greatly from this program."

Ilana Tichler
General Director & CEO
Ben Shemen Youth Village, Israel

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